In Search of a Dutch Cocktail by ExpatrodinaryAmsterdam


There is nothing like ending the day or starting the evening with a delicious cocktail made with shaken ice and perfectly paired liquors. A few sips of a well made martini and relaxation sets in and you can forget about any trials of the day or lists you have to scratch down. I have not ended my day like this since I have moved to Amsterdam. Where, oh where, are the cocktails?

After doing a little googling, I have learned that there are, in fact, very good cocktail bars here. I just did not realize I needed to google to find them. And alas, I have also discovered they are not far from my reach. Before my online research, silly me thought that if I saw bottles of gin, vodka, tequila and the usual liquors over a bar here, that the nice young strapping Dutch bartender could make me a cocktail. Oh no, just because you see it there, does not mean it can be mixed, shaken or stirred for you. Hmmmm, another frustration that I just have to suck up… if only I could, with a little straw.

No matter, I did my research and found the top 10 cocktail bars in Amsterdam. Three of them are behind hidden doors like the old speakeasies and almost all the others are in hotels. Eh hem, no wonder I could not find them before engaging Google. Looking at those  photos of mouth watering martinis, I am up for the hunt.

As I edit copy paste those cocktail bar addresses into my iPhone, and Google maps, I realize I need to actually plan ahead for visiting one of these fine establishments. No matter, just around the corner is a Gall & Gall (popular wine and spirit store here in Amsterdam). Taking matters into my own hands, I head home with a bottle of Grey Goose (I know, I should have purchased the Dutch Kettle One) vodka and organic cranberry juice (found at the new and hip market called Marqt) and grab a few limes at the green grocer. I think to myself, thank goodness I found those fabulous ice cube trays last week at the Duikelman!

Pouring my concoction of lime, cranberry and Grey Goose over freshly cracked ice, I think, this looks pretty good. But not nearly as good as those Cosmopolitans I enjoyed back home. I am a little nostalgic of times spent sipping delicious martinis with my close girlfriends in my old hood. It’s only been a month. I’m pretty confident I can shake this homesick feeling and organize an outing with some new girlfriends in search of that perfectly paired and poured Dutch delight. Just give me time.

Dedicated to my girls: Tricia, Karen, Caroline, Sue, Stephanie and Tracie 


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