Tony’s Chocolonely Isn’t Lonely Anymore

Those who know me well know I’m a bit of a foodie and one of my most highly cherished foods is chocolate. So imagine my great surprise when I found possibly the most amazing chocolate I’ve ever tasted made by a Dutch company in The Netherlands in the form of a really big chocolate bar. No, really. It’s true. Tony’s Chocolonely chocolate bars have won me over heart and soul. And no, it’s not because my husband’s name is in the title.



After arriving a year ago as an expat, for the second time in Holland, I spied these bright and boldly packaged chocolate bars with “Tony’s” written in giant letters on the front at Marqt, an upscale organic grocery store that carries a select inventory of food and household items. I have to applaud their marketing in a “point of purchase” display because it didn’t take much for me to grab a large sized Tony’s Chocolonely bar immediately, eager to try at home. And it only took one mouthwatering bite for me to become obsessed.




Like Charlie hoping to find his golden ticket to enter Wonka’s factory, each time I buy one, I eagerly open the back paper wrapping and find the creator’s mission “Crazy about Chocoloate, Serious About People” and “100% Slave Free in Chocolate” slogan. Then after peeling away the tin foil to the actual chocolate bar, I giggle at the pieces of chocolate you’re supposed to break apart. The design is definitely unique, giving you, or better yet, someone you’re sharing with, a chance to have a large piece or a tiny piece. I’ll take a large piece, dank je vel.



You cannot help but be wildly impressed with Tony’s Chocolonely. This chocolate company has been committed to abolishing child slave labor in the African countries of Ghana and Ivory Coast for the last 12 years and responsibly produces organic, fair trade DELICIOUS chocolate. The orange bar made with milk, caramel and sea salt is my favorite. But I will happily eat any of the bars they make, including milk chocolate, white chocolate, extra dark chocolate, dark almond sea salt, dark pecan coconut and dark coffee crunch without the guilt of knowing child slave labor helped produce it.  And if you are a chocolate milk fan, Tony’s makes that too!

Expats just arriving, you can find these chocolate bars all over, at the Albert Heijn, Marqt, candy stores, etc. But, beware, you’re likely to become hooked once you’ve tried them. And then family members will spy these bright and boldly colored bars too and start to invade your stash.

Move over Lindt, Lenidas, Godiva and Ghiradelli cause Tony’s Chocolonely will surely give you a run for your money. And your trade practices.


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