Tot Ziens Corner Bakery!


I’ve saved this particular post for my last week in town before repatriating back to the USA. It’s selfish really, why I haven’t posted earlier to rave on and on about my favorite cafe in the Dam. I didn’t want to make it even harder to get a table on this extremely popular corner at the end of my street. We ate here on our first day in Amsterdam and have become regulars ever since. 

Peek inside the windows as you walk by the corner of Johannes Vermeerstraat and Frans van Mierisstraat to see the brightly decorated cakes, enormous apple tarts and mouthwatering brownies and frosted donuts to get a glimpse into the experience that is The Corner Bakery. Once you’re seated inside or out, you’ll soon realize it’s a small and friendly slice of heaven. You get over sitting packed tightly next to other eager and hungry patrons pretty quickly once your cafe latte arrives.

Whether its breakfast or lunch you’re here for, you can’t help but marvel at plates passing by while you wait for your order since everything on the menu looks and tastes divine. Portions are large and the culinary staff presents each dish whimsically on your plate. My favorite is the avocado toastie with feta and tomatoes. I didn’t even know I loved these till I came here. I’ve tried this item elsewhere and none come close in comparison to The Corner Bakery’s.

img_4533The Corner Bakery is the kind of place you think about after eating there. And you keep thinking about it until you find yourself waiting in line for a table with all the other eager eaters once again. You’ll most likely find yourself taking pics of your plate or your milkshake topped with a colorful donut, whipped cream, rainbow sprinkles and some fruit loops to remind you of the experience.

Of all the eateries in the Dam I’ve found and enjoyed, The Corner Bakery will be the one I miss the most. Everyone we’ve taken here while visiting has been exceedingly impressed as well. I know I’ll be thinking about this place long after my feet hit US soil and long after I find new favorites in the new town I’m moving to.  

Tot Ziens Corner Bakery! Till I visit you again.


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